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Properties contaminated from former meth labs are popping up all across Australia. The chemical residues left behind are toxic and can lead to serious long lasting health effects and even death. Don’t be the next victim!

Is the home contaminated?

Our team of expert Building and Pest Inspectors are fully certified and equipped to perform swab testing for methamphetamines in residential properties. Our comprehensive testing process covers up to 18 areas within the home during a single visit, ensuring a thorough assessment.

We have established partnerships with leading laboratories to conduct the analysis of the collected samples and typically provide results within 48 hours. Our detailed report presents conclusive findings with 100% accuracy, detailing the presence of methamphetamines and the level of contamination within the property.

Should our testing detect a level of meth contamination that exceeds government legal limits, we will undertake further detailed testing to pinpoint the exact areas and levels of contamination. Once identified, we will source appropriate cleaning services to rectify the contamination and ensure the property is safe for habitation.


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