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Building & Pest Inspections Scarborough

A home or investment property is one of the biggest investments a buyer will make. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the property they are about to buy is solid, durable, healthy and safe for themselves and their families, for years to come. This is where I offer peace of mind for prospective buyers.

Hi, I am Martin – your local Building and Pest Inspections Scarborough expert. We will help protect your greatest investment with a range of professional building inspection services, so you will know in advance what the problems are and enable you to get specific advice about any major problems and how they will affect the property over time.

We guarantee that nobody works harder for you than our team at Building and Pest Inspections Scarborough. Our reputation as a Building and Pest Inspector and the reputation of our business are on the line every time we do an inspection, and therefore we treat every property as if it was our own. The success of our business depends on exceeding your expectations for quality and professionalism each and every time. We ensure that the format and content of your report complies with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1).

asbestos survey

Our range of inspection services include;

  • Pre Purchase Report: Defects report before purchase, done by buyer, puts you in control!
  • Pre-Auction Report: Once the hammer is down (Sold) it’s too late to get a property inspection and you’re stuck with what you just bought. Very risky!
  • Pre-Sale Report: Defects report before sale, done by owner (Same as Property Condition Report).
  • Timber Pest Report: Termites are a small pest, but a huge nightmare for home owners. We can organize this at the same time.
  • Handover Report: No one else checks your new home for quality of workmanship and quality of materials.
  • Structural Integrity Report: Is it well built and sturdy? This is the only way to ensure your home is structurally sound.
  • Verbal Reports: Delivered immediately the inspection is completed, then written confirmation delivered by email the same day.
  • Asbestos Auditing: So you can feel safe in your own home.
  • Property Video: For that complete picture, popular with interstate and O/S buyers.
  • Rental Property Condition Report: Not all tenants are perfect, so protect your property with pre-tenancy, periodic and exit inspections.
  • Dilapidation Report: Details the existing condition of a building at a specific point in time. Prior to and completion of construction works. As part of development approvals most council’s will stipulate that one of these are required to protect adjoining neighbours.
  • Property Maintenance Report: Keep the property well maintained therefore minor issue don’t turn into major expense.
  • Investment Property Tax Depreciation: Data collection for Quantity Surveyors and registered tax practitioners across the country.

Special Purpose: Custom reports to suit your specific needs.