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Who am I?

I am a Building and Pest Inspector who is keen to provide special care for your needs. I try to provide as much value as possible through my services. I pack additional value wherever possible.

For example, for sellers making upfront payment, I provide second round of inspection after 6 months absolutely free to extend your report validity up to 12 months instead of normal 6 months. Or if more relevant for an upfront paying seller, I provide a second round of inspection absolutely free after defect correction so that the formal report does not contain the defects that are fixed. I can even attach the warranty you obtain from the trades people for the fixes with the report.

I am House Safe accredited Building Inspector and a member of InterNACHI, an international organisation dedicated to Building Inspectors.

Here is a video describing simple truths that property sellers and buyers should focus on from the Building and Pest Inspection reports:

In my reports, I highlight all defects that would incur expenses in red for easy visibility. In general, my report would accompany photographs wherever defects are reported. The report does not take an alarmist approach. Hence, it also pictures areas without problems. The report is well structured and describes all the elements inspected.

Services I provide

Pre purchase reports: Defects report before purchase.

Pre-Auction Reports: Defects report before purchase.

Pre-Sale Report: Defects report before sale, done by owner (Same as Property Condition Report).

Energy Efficiency Report: Buy property with good energy efficiency rating and reduce energy bills.

Building Compliance Report: Ensure all structures in the property are approved by the authorities.

Pest Inspection Report: Detect damage to structure by pest infestation.

Investment Property Tax Depreciation: Data collection for Quantity Surveyors and registered tax practitioners across the country.

Timber Pest Report: Termites are a small pest, but a huge nightmare for home owners. Can be combined with the building Inspection.

Handover Reports: No one else checks your new home for quality of workmanship and quality of materials.

Structural Integrity Reports: Is it well built and sturdy?

Verbal Reports: Delivered immediately the inspection is completed, then written confirmation delivered by email the same day.

Property Video: For that complete picture, popular with interstate and overseas buyers.

Full Photo Protection Package: Have peace of mind with full property pictured from all four sides.

Rental Property Condition Report: Not all tenants are perfect, so protect your property with pre-tenancy, periodic and exit inspections.

Property Maintenance Report: Keep the property well maintained therefore minor issues don’t turn into major expense.


ACT has a legislation that mandates that all the residential property sellers have to provide the following reports prior to listing them for sale:

  1. Building Inspection Report in accordance with AS 4349.1 2007 standards. AS 4349.1 2007 standard specifies what all needs to be inspected in the premises.
  2. Building Compliance Reports that checks that all structures within the premises have been approved by the ACTPLA (ACT Planning & Land Authority). All noncompliance needs to be notified accordingly. In some cases, the non-compliant structured might be brought down, especially if a structure is built on the easement. In other cases, approval might be sought and obtained.
  3. Pest Inspection Report in accordance with AS 4349.3 2010 and AS 3660.2 2000 standards. AS 3660.2 2000 standard defines how the inspection should be carried out and AS 4349.3 2010 specifies what all should be inspected.
  4. Energy Efficiency Report using First Rate 4 software. First Rate 4 software is first generation software. Energy Efficiency Report (EER) in ACT must be generated using first generation First Rate 4 software only. EER rater in ACT must be Class an energy assessor trained to use First Rate 4 software. It should be noted that not all Class an energy efficiency Raters are trained on First Rate 4 software. There is more sophisticated second generation software available, but they are not permitted to be used for EER of residential properties put on sale.

The rating is based on:

  1. Home layout
  2. Construction of roofs, walls, windows and floors.
  3. Insulation of wall, floor and ceiling
  4. Window orientation, local breezes and shading of sun’s path
  5. Its influence on local climate

Sometimes there can be difference between the old EER rating and new EER rating. The reason for that might be the following:

There are an increasing number of cases found in ACT where the property is new and hence is rated based on second generation software on possession. However, on sale, they are rated based on first generation software giving rise to discrepancy. The first generation software rates up to 6 stars while second generation software can rate up to 8 stars.

Further, ACT legislation does not allow EER Rating Inspector to assume insulation values as was possible earlier. Now, the insulation value has to be substantiated using a documented proof or access to visual sighting.