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Building inspections are best carried out by independent skilled building inspection professionals.

Our team of highly qualified and skilled pre-purchase or pre-auction inspectors have many years of construction experience. They are ready to carry out all your pre-purchase or pre-settlement building inspections, condition reports, asbestos surveys, swimming pool safety fence compliance inspections, to name a few, and conducted within 24 hours.

We use highly advanced reporting software with links to many repair videos for issues observed during your Leading Building & Pest Inspections.

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What is a pre-purchase property inspection report?
 A pre-purchase property inspection report is a professional assessment of the condition of the home you’re considering buying. It’ll help you understand any needed repairs and evaluate if it’s worth it to buy this home.
Sometimes called a standard building and/or pest report, a pre-purchase property inspection report (also called a building inspection report) is a written account of the property’s condition.

Before exchanging sale contracts or cooling off, you can get a full report on any existing problems. This should include anything that may be dangerous or could reduce the value of your property, including dampness, cracking in the walls, safety hazards, or faulty roofs.

Note: A building inspection or defects report differs from a pest inspection report. While a building inspection report should identify any visual damage that termites may have caused, it usually won’t include termites or other timber-destroying pests. You may choose to combine a timber pest inspection with a building inspection done before you buy. Please let us know if you require a timber pest report when booking.
Why do I need a building inspection report?

The advantages of getting a building inspection report done before buying a property are:

  • knowing in advance what the problems are.
  • use the information to negotiate a better deal for the property, and you may have to pay to repair some of the problems documented in the report.
  • We can advise you on any significant problems and how they will affect the property and value over time.
  • Buying an investment property? We can help you maximise your return on investment on your existing or next investment property with a 40 years ATO-compliant tax depreciation schedule.  PLAY VIDEO

Professional Services:

  • Pre-Purchase/ Auction Reports: Property defects report before purchase, done by the buyer, puts you in control!
  • Timber Pest Report: Termites are a small pest but a massive nightmare for a homeowner.
  • Pre-Sale Report: Defects report before the sale, done by the owner (Same as Property Condition Report).
  • Builder Handover Reports: No one else checks your new home for quality and materials quality.
  • Methamphetamine/Drug Residue Testing: meth affected homes can be dangerous to your health, and expected remediation could cost from $5000.00 to $40,000.00. Don’t be a victim.
  • Investment Property Tax Depreciation: Property Data collection and schedule prepared by our Quantity Surveyor and registered Tax Agent to maximise your return on the investment property.
  • Asbestos Auditing: So you can feel safe in your own home.
  • Rental Property Condition Report: Protect your property with pre-tenancy and periodic and exit inspections.
  • Property Maintenance Report: Keep the property well maintained so minor issues don’t become significant expenses.
  • Dilapidation Reports: Details the existing condition of a building at a specific point in time. Completed before and on completion of construction works. As part of development approvals, most councils will stipulate that one of these is required to protect adjoining neighbours.


 We check all accessible parts of the property, including:

  • the interior of the building
  • the exterior of the building
  • roof space
  • under-floor space
  • roof exterior
  • site.


The following would generally be included in a building inspection report:

  • garage, carport, and garden shed.
  • separate laundry or toilet.
  • small retaining walls (i.e. nonstructural).
  • steps.
  • fencing.
  • surface water drainage.
  • stormwater run-off.
  • paths and driveways.

We will list on the  inspection report the following information:

  • your name.
  • the address of the property to be inspected.
  • reason for the inspection.
  • the date of inspection.
  • the scope of the inspection.
  • a list of any area or item that wasn’t inspected, the reasons why it wasn’t checked, and, if necessary, a recommendation for further investigation.
  • a summary of the overall condition of the property (considering its age and type) and any significant faults found in the property.
  • a list of any significant problems that need fixing.
  • if necessary, a recommendation that a suitably accredited specialist carry out a further inspection or assessment (eg. Pest inspector, electrician, asbestos, plumber, gas plumber, structural engineer, geotechnical engineer, surveyor, or solicitor.

Our reports are thorough and detailed. They note any defects or safety issues of the exterior, the interior, inside of the roof, under the floor, and the property grounds. If requested, the reports are conducted to Australian Standard AS4349.1 or timber pest (termites) AS4349.3.


You may also ask for a particular item or part of the property to be inspected, such as:

  • asbestos survey and sample testing.
  • Investment property tax depreciation schedule.
  • existence of an operable electrical safety switch.
  • smoke alarms are present.
  • drug residue testing of the home.
  • swimming pool safety fence compliance.
  • Please specify any particular items or areas on the site that you would like to be inspected.
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