Hi, my name is Colin Lovett from Leading Building and Pest Inspections Northern Beaches. I am a property professional that can give you peace of mind before you buy or sell your property.

A building and pest inspection are necessary to find out that what you are buying is in the condition you expect and any faults are recognised prior to exchanging contracts.

I guarantee professional and timely service. I am fully trained, professionally insured and certified by Homesafe. I will always be punctual, well presented and courteous. I’ve been inspecting home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area for years and have completed thousands of inspections. Therefore you can be assured I’ll undertake a very detailed and thorough building report on the home your looking to purchase.

Leading Building and Pest Inspections Northern Beaches, Sydney, offers you:

  • Pre-purchase Building Report
  • Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection
  • Swimming pool safety fence certification
  • Rental Property Condition Report
  • Investment Property Tax Depreciation Property Video
  • Special Purpose Inspection
  • Dilapidation Reports
  • Asbestos Inspection

Leading Building and Pest Inspections Northern Beaches is available in Northern Beaches, Lower Northshore (Regional), Manly and Fairlight.

My family have been builders in the area for the last 25 years. Three generations of my family have lived in the local area and have worked in the building industry. I personally have been involved in the building Industry for most of my life, and I pride myself on a job well done.


We check all accessible parts of the property, including:
  • the interior of the building
  • the exterior of the building
  • roof space
  • under-floor space
  • roof exterior
  • site.


The following would generally be included in a building inspection report:

  • garage, carport, and garden shed.
  • separate laundry or toilet.
  • small retaining walls (i.e. nonstructural).
  • steps.
  • fencing.
  • surface water drainage.
  • stormwater run-off.
  • paths and driveways.


We will list on the  inspection report the following information:

  • your name.
  • the address of the property to be inspected.
  • reason for the inspection.
  • the date of inspection.
  • the scope of the inspection.
  • a list of any area or item that wasn’t inspected, the reasons why it wasn’t checked, and, if necessary, a recommendation for further investigation.
  • a summary of the overall condition of the property (considering its age and type) and any significant faults found in the property.
  • a list of any significant problems that need fixing.
  • if necessary, a recommendation that a suitably accredited specialist carry out a further inspection or assessment (eg. Pest inspector, electrician, asbestos, plumber, gas plumber, structural engineer, geotechnical engineer, surveyor, or solicitor.

Our reports are thorough and detailed. They note defects and or safety issues of the exterior, the interior, inside of the roof, under the floor, and the property grounds. The reports are conducted to Australian Standard AS4349.1 or timber pest (termites) AS4349.3.



You may also ask for a particular item or part of the property to be inspected, such as:
  • asbestos survey and sample testing.
  • Investment property tax depreciation schedule.
  • existence of an operable electrical safety switch.
  • smoke alarms are present.
  • drug residue testing of the home.
  • swimming pool safety fence compliance.
  • Please specify any particular items or areas on the site that you would like to be inspected.
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We will be in touch with you to answer any questions and get the inspection underway.

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