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When the hammer falls, and you’re the highest bidder, there’s no backing out. You now own the property. You may be in for some nasty surprises if you find the roof needs replacing or there are major structural issues that’s why it’s imperative you get the property inspected prior to the auction.

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Most buyers are worried about defects that may be in a property they are purchasing of which they do not know. When a pre-auction building inspection is undertaken, every defect in the property is unveiled. You will thus have a chance to decide whether you want the property or not.

Remember, you might be forced to budget for unplanned repairs or renovations in the future if you are not made aware of pre-existing defects.

A pre-auction report is a sound investment with a highly detailed report, meaning you will have the knowledge and marketing edge over other comparable homes in your neighbourhood.

We know you might be wary of paying for a Pre-Auction Report before you put in the bid, particularly as you may not win.

We understand this, and so we guarantee that if you don’t win the first auction and need a second inspection for another auction property, we will offer you a discount on our normal price if booked within a 12-month period.

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